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The Gambia

Birding Tour in January 2010 Written by Pieter Verheij Hits: 9663

The Gambia - Leave the winter behind

Tour dates 13th -23rd of January (second tour in March)

africa_intro_gambiaThe Gambia, for a 10nights/11 days tour, is the perfect place for a winter's break and is one of the smallest and safest countries in Africa. After only a 6 hours flight, without any time difference, you will arrive at Banjul on the Gambian Coast, which is as colourfully African as you can possibly image. The Gambia enjoys virtually uninterrupted sunshine with almost no rainfall from November to June, which makes this country a very good place to escape the cold and grey winter months in northern Europe. We have created the perfect relaxed holiday with gentle river rides and time to enjoy the beauty of the interior, as well as give our friends time to wile away some time on long sandy beaches, going for a stroll or simply laying back to enjoy the sun and warmth. Birdlife here is abundant and since 1977 a Wildlife Act was passed for several areas in The Gambia, which are now protected Nature Reserves. More than 540 bird species are recorded. The Gambia, the place to enjoy a really relaxed birding holiday with WBT!


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