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Kenya Trip Report August 2009 Written by Pieter Verheij Hits: 10734

Kenya - A lifetime experience

africa_intro_kenyaThis 11 nights/12 days tour is the flagship of our African Safaris. The country's dramatically diverse geography has resulted in an enormous range of natural habitats, making Kenya one of the natural wonders of the world. It is a land of endless potential for the wildlife enthusiast. From great migratory herds of the open savannah to an incredible abundance of birdlife, from the depths of a tropical rainforest to the depths of the Indian Ocean teeming with fish, Kenya is a treasure trove of natural wonders. It holds some of the most remarkable birding sights to be seen anywhere! Come with us and you  will bear witness to an array of unbelievable spectacles. You can find the world’s biggest bird, the Ostrich, but we will also see spectacular numbers of flamingo congregating in their millions at the various Lakes of the Great Rift Valley, painting them and the landscape pink. With eleven percent of the world’s species – some 1089 different varieties, Kenya’s birding is one of the best in the world. It is an exciting and must-do tour, it will provide marvellous opportunities and many treasured memories.


Birding in Africa
Choose from 3 birding tours
Kenya, Botswana and The Gambia
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Visit The Gambia
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January and March
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