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Wonderful India

Asia_Main_India_ModuleThere is no substitute for experience and ours has led to the tailoring of two very special and consecutive tours to this great wildlife destination. By running consecutive tours we are able to offer a price range to suit most budgets and of course offer two very different experiences for both scenery and wildlife. In fact these two tours are often jointly booked by our many travelling friends. The first tour visits the Himalayan Foothills and descends to the famous Corbett National Park, whilst the second tour takes us south of Delhi and on visits to the Chambal River, the Sarus Crane Trail and the world renowned bird sanctuary of Bharatpur. Of course we do our usual thing of catering for those with a taste for visiting national treasures and can arrange an optional excursion to visit the wonderful sight of the Taj Mahal. We believe our tours to India offer great value and truly marvelous wildlife opportunities, most of all though they are great fun!


Birds of China
The famous Parrot-bills
Several species to be seen
Besides good birds
comfortable accommodation
& fine Sichuan cuisine
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see the endemic's
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