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Brazil – Pantanal the world’s largest wetland

Tour dates 15th  - 26th October/3rd -14th November

Americas_BrazilGentle boat rides through the heartlands of the Pantanal, accommodation amidst a dazzling array of birds and other wildlife, all conspire to make this tour a wonderful experience for our fellow travellers. Why the Pantanal? Quite simply it is stunning for wildlife; it is the largest wetland in the world containing 3,500 known plant species and 650 bird species, many endemic. Our leisurely pace ensures getting close to many birds and mammals, providing unbeatable opportunities for not just the interested observer, but photographers too! And just to put some icing on the cake, Jaguar Panthera onca has a stronghold here and we have an extremely good chance to see this magnificent feline. One of our favourite birds, the Hyacinthine Macaw Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus can also put in an appearance daily and is sure to both thrill and entertain us. Certainly we believe this tour offers the travelling nature lover just about everything and also an opportunity to join our fabulous optional tour extension visiting the Atlantic Forest in the Rio Janeiro region. Take a look at the full tour details and options to appreciate the itinerary and prospects.


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