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Crimson-rumped-ToucanetEcuador is a small country with an excellent infrastructure and all places can be easily accessed. It contains various habitats for birders as you can find the Pacific Coast beaches, the Andes Mountains, and a portion of the world's largest rainforest, so called Amazonia.
With over 1500 bird species recorded, Ecuador offers more bird-diversity than any other country in the world, thanks to its great diversity in habitats. In this 11 nights/12 days Birding Holiday we will stay in the subtropical zones on the lower slopes of the Andes. These zones are almost as bird species rich as the lowland zones, and some bird groups - hummingbirds and tanagers for example - reach their maximum diversity here.

Special CommentIt goes without saying that all our accommodation is of the usual very high standard as all Worldwide Birding Tours. This tour is relaxed and recommended if comfort and easy pace is required.

The western subtropical zone is an easy zone to do bird watching, with good forest remaining alongside the roads. The eastern subtropics are less well-known, but even more bio diverse than the subtropics of the west. The eastern subtropics feature amazing tanagers and hummingbirds. The eastern subtropics are also a good place to see the Crested Quetzal and Torrent Duck. The temperate faunal zone with its cloud forests, covered in mosses and bromeliads are extraordinarily beautiful, and have their share of exciting birds. Above the forested slopes of the Andes lies a rolling grassland called "paramo." Here the birds are refreshingly easy to see and quite distinct from those of other zones. This is the place to search the sky for Andean Condor and on the ground for Andean Snipe and Tawny Antpitta.

To visit a completely different habitat it really is worth to book the extension of 5 nights/6 days. This will bring you to one of the very best lodges in the Amazonia de Ecuador. Days will be filled with birding walks, boat rides and observing birds from one of the Canapy towers. A superb experience. Read about it in our latest trip report

All our guests always have regular options, either join-in with the tour group birding and wildlife viewing or opt-out and enjoy your own company. You, the client, have choices unlike with so many other group tours!

Reserving your place is both easy and inexpensive!

Sea-Lion-(Espanola)Many people, already being in Ecuador, extend their stay with a visit to the wonderful Galapagos Islands.

Tell us your wishes and we can organize your cruise and everything around it.

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Ecuador Main Tour Info

Main Tour

  • Tour dates
    17th - 28th of August 2019
  • Price
    US$ 5.150 p.p.
    US$ 700 Single supplement
  • Deposit
    20% of the tour price
  • Includes
    All accommodation, all meals and transport, fulltime guiding, Nature reserve entrance fees, and airport transfers
  • Excludes
    International Flights, insurance and personal costs. International Departure tax
  • Tour party
    Minimum 4, maximum 8 persons

Extension - Amazonia

  • Tour dates
    28th of August - 3rd of September 2019
  • Price
    US$ 3.600 p.p.
    US$ 600 Single supplement
  • Includes
    Domestic flight from Coca to Quito


Iceland Itinerary at a Glance

Main tour

  • Day 1 - Flight to Akureyri - Godafoss Waterfall
  • Day 2 - Akureyri - Myvatn Lake
  • Day 3 - Akureyri - Whale watching excursion
  • Day 4 - Snaefellness Peninsula - Fdull day birding Vantsnes pininsula
  • Day 5 - Snaefellness Peninsula - Boat trip from Stykkisholmur
  • Day 6 - Snaefellness Peninsula - Full day birding
  • Day 7 - Hvollsvöllur - Transfer and birding, The Golden Circle
  • Day 8 - Hvollsvöllur - Full day birding
  • Day 9 - Final day and departure

Ecuador Itinerary at a Glance

Main tour

  • Day 1 - Fuente de Piedra, Quito - Arrival, transfer to the lodge
  • Day 2 - Sacha Tamia Lodge - Transfer and birding Yanacocha and Tandayapa Valley
  • Day 3 - Sacha Tamia Lodge - Full day birding, Mashpi road.
  • Day 4 - Sacha Tamia Lodge - Angel Paz reserve, Milpe reserve
  • Day 5 - Fuente de Piedra, Quito - Silanche Road, transfer to Quito
  • Day 6 - Termas Papallacta - Birding Antisana Reserve at 4000 m
  • Day 7 - Cabinas de San Isidro - Transfer. Birding around lodge
  • Day 8 - Cabinas de San Isidro -Birding Cuacamayos
  • Day 9 - Wild Sumaco Bird Lodge - . Birding during transfer.
  • Day 10 - Wild Sumaco Bird Lodge - birding around the lodge.
  • Day 11 - Fuente de Piedra, Quito - Transfer to Quito, bird watching during transfer
  • Day 12 - Departure home

For those who booked the extension

  • Day 11 - Wild Sumaco Bird Lodge - birding around the lodge.
  • Day 12 - This is day 1 of the extenstion

Extension - Amazonia

  • Day 1 - Hotel el Auca, Coca - Birding during transfer
  • Day 2 - Napo Wildlife Center - transfer to the lodge
  • Day 3 - Napo Wildlife Center - Birding in NWC
  • Day 4 - Napo Wildlife Center - Birding in NWC
  • Day 5 - Napo Wildlife Center - Birding in NWC
  • Day 6 - flight from Coca to Quito and connecting flight home