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We have designed a tour especially for the nature lover who goes on a tour with the objective of getting quality photos of birds and a variety of other subjects.


not to end the tour with an all important 500+ seen bird list.

This tour will focus on birds that we know we can get close enough to for a decent photograph; we concentrate on visiting known stakeouts for birds.


With a large photographic community in Thailand, it is quite easy to plan a promising and enjoyable itinerary visiting the active and productive stake outs, where we probably will also see some really spectacular species.

What we absolutely will not do is worry about chasing rare and difficult to see species or amassing a large and impressive bird list. We will spend time at good locations, and even repeat certain parts to have a second chance, when we think we can get better photographic opportunities. We will never be in a hurry, because it is quality rather than quantity that we are aiming for.

The group will be small, to give all participants good opportunities to get his/her best shot. The maximum group size will be 4 guests accompanied by a WBT tour leader and a local guide.

The tour price will depend on the number of participants. The WBT tour leader will be an experienced photographer who will help fellow travellers to obtain the best results.

For all details of this tour we have produced a (24 pages brochure), because we think it is the best way to illustrate the results of our findings. During our first photography tour to Thailand, we only went with 2 “photographers” and a guide on a flexible itinerary.

The results were very special and all three enjoyed enormously this superb trip. This tour was quite different from a normal birding tour; it was organized so we could stay as long as we wanted in various places, until we were satisfied with our photographic results.

This brochure shows you the Itinerary and what can be expected, although of course every tour will produce different and additional species.

Please download a brochure  for all details. Downloading will take some time, because of the file size (12,2 MB) The brochure is best shown with Adobe Reader.

Tour dates TBA

If photography is your hobby, you are invited to join us.
You will certainly not regret it.