Europe_Main_IntroFrom the northern artic tundra, through the high, impressive rock stacks of the United Kingdom, where large colonies of seabirds breed, to the lowlands and high mountain ranges of central Europe, eastwards to vast river deltas, grasslands and forests, with the more southerly reaches, such as Spain, providing the grand spectacle of mass migration both for raptors and smaller birds, the rewards of birding Europe promises vast riches to the more adventurous birdwatcher. For the birder, from beginner to expert, Europe offers well over 700 species of birds with a staggering diversity of raptor, seabird and passerine. Our tours concentrate on the southern region of the Iberian Peninsula, with a focus on the Spanish province of Andalucia, an area influenced by the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Mediterranean in the east, with the Strait of Gibraltar in the south providing wonderful opportunities to observe spring and autumn migration of raptors, storks and many passerines as they journey to and from Africa, only 12 kms away from mainland Andalucia! Why not take a look at our tours, including day trips throughout the province and also journeys into the nearby African nation of Morocco?