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Europe_Main_IntroFrom the northern artic tundra, through the high, impressive rock stacks of the United Kingdom, where large colonies of seabirds breed, to the lowlands and high mountain ranges of central Europe, eastwards to vast river deltas, grasslands and forests, with the more southerly reaches, such as Spain, providing the grand spectacle of mass migration both for raptors and smaller birds, the rewards of birding Europe promises vast riches to the more adventurous birdwatcher. For the birder, from beginner to expert, Europe offers well over 700 species of birds with a staggering diversity of raptor, seabird and passerine. Our tours concentrate on the southern region of the Iberian Peninsula, with a focus on the Spanish province of Andalucia, an area influenced by the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Mediterranean in the east, with the Strait of Gibraltar in the south providing wonderful opportunities to observe spring and autumn migration of raptors, storks and many passerines as they journey to and from Africa, only 12 kms away from mainland Andalucia! Why not take a look at our tours, including day trips throughout the province and also journeys into the nearby African nation of Morocco?

Spain Birding Tours

Spain1_ModuleSpain is one of the best places in Europe for birdwatching with well over 500 species recorded and includes more than 270 that breed here, with European-threatened species such as dupont’s lark, purple gallinule, white-headed duck, marbled teal, lammergeier, golden eagle and the endemic Spanish imperial eagle. The variety of birds is due in no small measure to its geographical location between Europe and Africa, straddling the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, with its relief forming an impressive range of habitats and climates. Although we tour most areas in Spain, we have tended to concentrate on the most southerly region Andalusia.


Norway - Land of the Midnight Sun

Tourdates from 26th of May to 2nd of June

Europe_Intro_NorwayFinnmark offers fantastic opportunities for bird watching. The Varanger Peninsula in eastern Finnmark is one of Norway's most exclusive bird areas. Varanger is one of the most attractive bird watching destinations in Norway. The list of exclusive birds is long. The number of species and birds are remarkable, both summer and winter. Among foreign birdwatchers Varanger is one of the most famous areas in Northern Europe. During the spring and summer both individual birders and organised groups come here to experience the great variety of migrating birds, arctic ducks, breeding waders and birds of prey. The Varangerfjord, when daylight returns in February/March, is a perfect place to see the rare Steller's eider (Polysticta stelleri) and other arctic ducks such as the king eider and the long-tailed duck. Our tour to the land of the midnight sun has been designed to get the very best from our birding experiences.


Turkey - Birds of Three Continents

Tourdates from 10th -20th of June 

Europe_Intro_TurkeyTurkey's vast land of over 800,000 square kilometers, surrounded on three sides by seas, serves as a bridge between three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. A large variety of climatic zones co-exist due to its topography. The northern belts of humid forest, contrasting with the arid fame of the country, are home to rare White-backed Woodpecker, Greenish Warbler and Semi-collared Flycatcher. The Mediterranean coast harbours more than half of the world population of Rüppell’s Warbler, Olive-tree Warbler, the near-endemic Krueper’s Nuthatch, Masked Shrike and Cretzschmar's Bunting. The beautiful scenery of high mountains are accompanied with the presence of Caspian Snowcock, Alpine and Radde’s Accentor and Red-fronted Serin. Our tour takes us from the arid region in the southeast to the mountains and the large deltas of the south coast, a promise of superb birds and cuisine awaits!


Hungary - Where East meets West

Tourdates from 1st - 8th of May 

Europe Hungary1This is our first tour to Hungary and we will be visiting the North-East of this country where within very short distances from our hotels we will be able to visit mountains, forests, rivers, marshes and most importantly the steppe of Eastern Europe.
 We have planned this "recce" around two areas and will be staying in only two hotels. The areas are the woods and forests of the Zemplen Hills and the open plains, rivers and marshes of Hortobagy National Park.
We have not neglected the cultural side of this ancient cultured country as we will visit the wine growing area of Tokaj where we will have a traditioal wine tasting dinner in a local restraurant.
 As we are near to Budapest we can arrange an extension for those of you who would wish to spend a few days sightseeing in this most beautiful of cities.


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