China_Intro_MainEach of the many sites we’ll be visiting in Sichuan Province is different, with its own appeal and its own very special birdlife. During our explorations we will visit such exciting areas as the borderland between the Sichuan Basin and the Tibetan High Plateau, visiting the Wolong area and Wawushan National Park. In the high mountain ranges we will visit, amongst others, Jiuzhaigou National Reserve and Mengbi mountain range, which offer numerous bird species, especially in the vicinity of the Monasteries or Sacred Mountains where the animal world is still totally unspoilt. We also visit the grasslands of the Tibetan High Plateau, many birds living within the grasslands prefer areas with abundant water resources such as wetlands, marshlands or meandering streams, thus we visit the huge wetland in Ruoergai and Hong Yuan. Why not find out more by reading the tour details?