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Paul-French1Paul French is a leader whose life-long passion for birds and natural history led to him graduating university with a degree in wildlife conservation. This was followed by several years of short term contract work around the length and breadth of Britain, including two years as assistant warden at Fair Isle Bird Observatory, three seasons on Shetland working for the RSPB studying seabirds and breeding waders and a winter in deepest Cornwall producing an atlas of the counties Barn Owls. Full time employment soon beckoned, and after a further six years working for the RSPB as a warden and then minerals restoration advisor, he branched out and became a freelance ornithologist. Travel has always been a big part of Paul’s life, and he has birded extensively in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and East Asia. Paul serves on both the British Birds Rarities Committee and the Lincolnshire Bird Club Rarity Committee, two positions that call for almost as much diplomacy as identification knowledge! As well as birds, he has a great interest in mammals and a developing love of all things creepy and crawly.
Tour leader: Each tour will have a representative of Worldwide Birding Tours to accompany it, ensuring attention to detail, and fullfilling our pledge not to send you on holiday, but to take you.

Sichuan Main Tour Info

Main Tour

  • Tour dates
    9th - 21th of May 2019
  • Price
    € 4.950 p.p.
    € 600 Single supplement.
  • Deposit
    20% of the Tour price.
  • Includes
    All accommodation, all meals and transport (including national flights), fulltime guiding, Nature reserve entrance fees, and airport transfers.
  • Excludes
    International flights (at this moment only one direct flight from Europe to Chengdu with KLM from Amsterdam), insurance and personal costs.
  • Tour party
    Minimum 6, maximum 8 persons

Extension to Tibet

  • Tour dates
    21st - 26th of May 2019
  • Price
    € 2.950 p.p.
    € 400 Single supplement.
  • Includes
    Return flight from Chendu to Lhasa, entrance permit in Tibet.
  • Tour party
    Minimum 4 fellow travellers

Cultural Extension

  • Tour dates
    21st - 25th of May 2019
  • Price
    € 2.100 p.p.
    € 300 Single supplement.
  • Includes
    Domestic flights and City Guides
  • Tour party
    Minimum 4 fellow travellers

China Itinerary at a Glance

Main Tour
  • Day 1 - Jing Chuan Hotel Chengdu - Arrival in Chengdu
  • Day 2 - Wawu Shan Grand Hotel - Birding in Chengdu, Transfer to Wawu Mountains
  • Day 3 - Wawu Shan Grand Hotel - Birding on Summit (cable car).
  • Day 4 - Wawu Shan Grand Hotel - Birding in the area
  • Day 5 - New Siguniang Mountains Hotel Rilong - Birding and transfer to Rilong
  • Day 6 - New Siguniang Mountains Hotel Rilong - Birding to Balang Shan
  • Day 7 - New Siguniang Mountains Hotel Rilong - Birding to Balang Shan
  • Day 8 - Jiarong International Grand Hotel Maerkang - Birding and transfer to Maerkang
  • Day 9 - Jiarong International Grand Hotel Maerkang - Birding Mengbi Forest
  • Day 10 - Da Zang Shendi Hotel Ruoergai - Birding and transfer to Ruoergai
  • Day 11 - Da Zang Shendi Hotel Ruoergai - Baxi Forest and Flower Lake, pm departure to Chengdu
  • Day 12 - Jing Chuan Hotel Chengdu - departure to Chengdu
  • Day 13 - Departure home
Extension to Tibet
  • Day 1 - Tibet International Hotel Lhasa - Arrival by flight from Chengdu, birding around the hotel
  • Day 2 - Tibet International Hotel Lhasa - Cultural visit to Lhasa
  • Day 3 - Tibet International Hotel Lhasa - Birding Xiong Se Valley
  • Day 4 - Hotel Pe Ma Dangxiong - Namtso Lake
  • Day 5 - Tibet International Hotel Lhasa- Birding and return to Lhasa
  • Day 6 - Departure to Chengdu

Cultural - Extension

  • Day 1 - Bell Tower Hotel Xi'an - Flight from Jiuzhaigou to Xi'an, City Tour
  • Day 2 - Beijing Friendship Hotel - Visit Terrecotta Warriars, flight to Beijing
  • Day 3 - Beijing Friendship Hotel - Visit Summer Palace and Forbidden City
  • Day 4 - Beijing Friendship Hotel - Visit to Great Wall and Ming Tombs
  • Day 5 - Departure home