SceneryThe enchanted Galapagos Islands are located in the Pacific 0cean some 1000 km off the Ecuadorian coast. The Galapagos province and region is formed by 8.010 km2 of volcanic islands, islets, rocks and boulders, and 70.000 km2 of marine area.
As the result of continuous volcanic activity and heavy underwater eruptions the Galapagos islands emerged some four million years ago from the pacific sea-bottom. Evolution, ocean currents, climate, and the lack of predatory enemies -including man- made the Galapagos a living museum of evolutionary changes, indeed one of the strangest and most compelling places on our planet. Flora and fauna, arriving across the waters from the mainland, colonized the original Galapagos lava beds, developing species unique to the world. Many of the invertebrates, 25% of the fish, 30% of the plants, half of the birds and all of the Galapagos reptiles are endemic to the Galapagos.

IMPORTANTAll itineraries in the Galapagos Islands are subject to change without previous notice due to National Park and Marine authorities regulations, operational matters, weather conditions, or at Captain´s decision when considered for passengers security and safety.


Among the animals found are the different species of giant ‘Galapagos' tortoises that gave the islands their name due to the similarity of their carapaces to a British riding saddle called ‘galapago' in Spanish. A variety of birds are found: blue footed, red footed and masked boobies, frigate birds, albatrosses, flamingos, unique penguins and non-flying cormorants, and 14 different species of finches. These various species of finches served as proof for Darwin's theory of evolution from natural selection. Marine mammals such as sea lions, dolphins and whales are also found; as well as multitudinous colorful fishes. The most distinctive plants are mangroves and endemic cacti.


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