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A wonderful opportunity to enjoy both the migrating and rare breeding birds in Morocco. This tour has been especially tailored to take in some of the rarest birds in Morocco, whilst also timed to allow our fellow travellers to view autumn migration where ‘anything’ might turn-up. We also visit one of the largest breeding colonies in the world for Eleonora’s Falcon!
From the fabulous old city of Marrakech to the Atlantic coast we will journey into the Anti Atlas Mountains and also stay in the southern deserts. The scenery alone is worth joining the tour for. Our usual high standard for accommodation applies and we have carefully selected restaurants and transport. Common-BulbulOur journey allows us to take our time and we have selected some of our hotels specifically, not only for their comfort, but also their location.
Special CommentIt goes without saying that all our accommodation is of the usual very high standard as all Worldwide Birding Tours. This tour is relaxed and recommended if comfort and easy pace is required. At 3 of these hotels we will spend 2 consecutive nights giving time for relaxation and enjoying their superb locations, these longer stays also give opportunities for individuals to miss touring with the group and do their own thing.
"Imagine graceful, high mountains, their tops bathed in sunlight, their slopes marked by a kaleidoscope of multi-coloured mineral strata; imagine sprawling, deeply carved inland valleys of lush exotic green some with rushing rivers and gently tumbling waterfalls; powerful and majestic breakers pulling on glistening beaches; balmy breezes sweeping over the stunning dunes and deserts, and at night the stars seem only an arm’s distance away; smells of spices and colours of the local markets intoxicate the senses; tribal Berbers a population whose smiles reveal their tolerance of others and pride in their land – Morocco" Peter Jones.
Truly special holiday for those who also want comfort and time to relax! Migration and rare breeding birds.
All our guests always have regular options, either join-in with the tour group birding and wildlife viewing or opt-out and enjoy your own company. You, the client, have choices unlike with so many other group tours!
Reserving your place is both easy and inexpensive!

Morocco Main Tour Info

  • Tour dates
    14th - 23rd of September 2020
  • Price
    € 2.695 p.p.
    € 450 Single supplement.
  • Deposit
    20% of tour price
  • Includes
    All accommodation, all meals and transport, full-time guiding, and airport transfers
  • Excludes
    Flights, insurance and personal costs.
  • Tour-party
    Minimum 4, maximum 8 fellow travellers
  • Option
    Extra nights in Marrakech based on HB:
    € 70 p.p.p.n.
    € 35 Single Supplement

Morocco Itinerary at a Glance

  • Day 1 - 4**** Hotel - Arrival day Marrakech, transfer to the hotel*
  • Day 2 - Hotel Dar Nafour - Oued Ksob, Eleonora’s Falcon Colony to Essaouira
  • Day 3 - Hotel Les Cascades - Tamri, Paradise Valley to Imouzzer
  • Day 4 - Hotel Les Cascades - Imouzzer and surrounding mountains/valleys
  • Day 5 - Hotel Bou Jerif - Desert and surroundings to Guelmim
  • Day 6 - Hotel Bou Jerif - Oued Noun and Wadi, Desert, Plage Blanche (beach)
  • Day 7 - Hotel Ksar Massa - Oued Noun and Wadi, Oued Massa to Massa
  • Day 8 - Hotel Ksar Massa - Oued Massa Reserve, Desert and Atlantic Ocean coast
  • Day 9 - 4**** Hotel - - Oued Sous, Atlas Mountain route to Marrakech
  • Day 10 - Morning visit to Oukaimeden, transfer to Marrakech Airport
*optional guided tour to the famous Old City and Souk