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  • The slogan of Worldwide Birding Tours is “Travelling together as friends”, this is no mere play on words, we genuinely wish for those who accompany us to feel like friends! We (two men in our early sixties) have chosen this slogan because we want to do bird watching tours and share the pleasure it gives us with our friends/fellow travellers.
  • We want our fellow travellers to feel comfortable during every moment of our nature and birding tours because, quite simply, we also want to feel comfortable! That’s why we like to take it easy, enjoying the quality in all our details such as accommodation, food, transport and guiding knowledge.
  • Even the price of a tour is a comfortable one, not based on huge profits, but enough to pay for all the costs and to cover initial expenses (just compare our accommodation and then costs with anybody else).
  • Unlike so many tour operators, we do not send you on your holiday, we take you!


We believe very strongly in offering nature tours, which are not only environmentally friendly, but also produce sustainable tourism. Benefiting not only our friends/fellow travellers, but also local interests and important wildlife habitats. Read our declaration about Responsible Tourism

We also welcome enquiries from groups or individuals wanting a tailored holiday especially organised to suit their own requirements. Destination or species specific, then please feel free to contact us.
Our company catchphrase ‘Travelling together as friends’ is not just another play on words; we believe it to be true!
Great for Tanagers
Amongst so many
other colourful birds!
A wonder of hummingbirds
over 100 different species
Spain for birds
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From birding day tours
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Spain is not only for birds
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