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Worldwide Birding Tours are different from other Companies offering birding Holidays on the following important points:
High quality and comfort of accommodation, food, transport and all other aspects of the tour are as important to us as the birding itself.
We provide alternative programs. Worldwide Birding tours understands that when a couple travel together, sometimes one has less interest in the actual birding and prefers to enjoy other aspects of the visited holiday destination.
Travelling together as friends, this is our philosophy, because we want to enjoy the tour as much as you and we also want to be an integral part of the group.
Our birding guides are of an extremely high standard, maybe this is not necessary to say, but of course we want to assure you, that you will really see all possible birds

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Sierras_DayTourOur tours within the boundaries of the Serranía de Ronda and Sierra de Grazalema, both UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, provide something for everyone. If you want target birds such as Bonelli’s Eagle and other raptors or just to relax and absorb the incredibly beautiful scenery, then this tour is definitely for you. It is primarily a day to enjoy, even if birds are not a shared interest for couples on holiday here. The day is always tailored to suit those touring with us and can include interpretation of the stunning scenery, local culture and flora, of course for those seeking specialist birds of this wonderful area, then your guide will know where and when these birds are present. For those with a botanical interest, we provide a specialist day where our local guide can take you to areas for specific plants (see below).




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