Entering China
All foreigners will need a passport valid for at least six months from date of departure and a tourist visa to enter China. You can apply for a visa at the Chinese Ambassy/Consulate in your country.

No health certificates are currently required to enter China. Please check with your Doctor if you need special veccines. (at least 4 – 6 weeks before your trip to allow time for shots to take effect)
Biting insects are not numerous, although mosquitoes are present in small numbers at a number of sites. We may encounter a ver few small terrestrial leeches on some forest trails; they are not harmful, and can be deterred with insect repellent sprayed on your boots.
Tap water is not safe to drink; bottled water and soft drinks are readily available, and all of our accommodations offer boiled water for coffee or tea.

In Kunming it will be hot and fairly humid. In the Baihualong Nature Reserve it will be similarly hot but significantly more humid. Temperatures in these areas will typically reach 77 to 90°F by midday. It will be much cooler and less humid higher in the mountains, where some of the early mornings can even be (very) cold. This will be especially true when we are near Baima Snow Mountains. We anticipate making several early starts in these areas, and the temperatures at that time might be below freezing (perhaps dropping as low as 25°F if skies are clear), and there will probably still be some snow on the highest peaks. Rain is common in Yunnan throughout the year.

We’ll spend considerable time above 3000 m. Our highest elevation will be Baima Snow Mountains.
When at high altitudes we will attempt to limit our activities, avoid excessive uphill walking, and move at a slow pace so as to avoid headaches and breathlessness. Most altitudinal problems can be overcome by sitting quietly in or near the vehicle and drinking plenty of fluids.
Participants should note that this tour is more strenuous than most of our tours.

Pace of the tour
There is a reasonable amount of traveling and some of the days can be long and tiring. Most of the places we visit, are in the mountains and are strenuous places to visit. Some of the trails can be steep, and while we’ll walk slowly, we are still at altitude and it is easy to become tired. A reasonable degree of fitness is essential. Due to early morning bird activity, we’ll be out in the field early each day. This will often mean being out before 5:00 am and having a picnic breakfast in the field.
We’ll compile a checklist of the birds we’ve seen just before or just after dinner every day and aim to retire early to bed (especially when we are making an early start next day).
We try to make as many of our birding excursions as possible optional, so that if you find the pace too tiring it is possible to take some time off and relax.
Essentially we intend to have a stop for lunch with some rest for those who want it and give opportunities if possible to opt out for those who wish to pursue other interests or simply relax.

All hotels are of a good international standard with private bathrooms, proper restaurants, and the other facilities you would normally expect. An exception can be the guesthouses in Baihualing Nature Reserve and Tina's Guesthouse in Tiger Leap Gorge, although we were told that both places are clean and do have private bathrooms
All accommodation is the best that is available and acceptable: In some cases, showers and toilets may occasionally not work properly, but we will do everything we can to have repairs done in a resonable time

Chinese cuisine is well-known and widely appreciated. The Chinese way of eating differs from that in the west in that a selection of different dishes are shared by those sitting at the table. Food is almost always plentiful. Few of the restaurants we visit provide knives and forks—chopsticks, often disposable wooden ones, are used instead. If you are not used to eating with chopsticks, we suggest you start practicing right away or bring your own cutlery.

Transportation is by minibus.


China Facts and Travel Tips

Tour Map of China - Yunnan

Tour Description Yunnan

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Yunnan Main Tour Info

Pre-extension to:
Mt. Gaoligongshan NP

  • Tour dates
    2nd - 6th of May 2018
  • Price
    € 1.900 p.p.
    € 400 Single supplement.
  • Tour party
    Minimum 4 fellow travellers

Main Tour

  • Tour dates
    5th - 19th of May 2018
  • Price
    € 4.250 p.p.
    € 500 Single supplement.
  • Deposit
    € 250 p.p.
  • Tour party
    Minimum 6, maximum 8 persons
  • Includes
    All accommodation, all meals and transport (including national flights), fulltime guiding, Nature reserve entrance fees, and airport transfers.
  • Excludes
    International flights (at this moment only one direct flight from Europe to Chengdu with KLM from Amsterdam), insurance and personal costs.

Yunnan Itinerary at a Glance

Pre-extension to:
Gaoligongshan Mountains
  • Day 1 - Golden Spring Hotel - Arrival Chengdu, connecting flight to Kunming
  • Day 2 - Hotel in Baihualing N.R. - Flight to Baoshan, transfer to Baihualing Nature Reserve
  • Day 3 - Hotel in Baihualing N.R. - Birding and looking for flowers and plants
  • Day 4 - Hotel in Baihualing N.R. - Birding and looking for flowers and plants
  • Day 5 - Hotel in Baihualing N.R. - Birding and looking for flowers and plants
  • Day 6 - New Century Hotel - Flight to Kunming, transfer to Chuxiong
Main Tour
  • Day 1 - Wenjun Mansion Hotel - Arrival Chengdu
  • Day 2 - New Century Hotel - Flight to Kunming, transfer to Chuxiong
  • Day 3 - New Century Hotel - Visit Zixishan Nature Reserve
  • Day 4 - Landscape Hotel - Transfer to Dali
  • Day 5 - Landscape Hotel - Visit Mt Cangshan
  • Day 6 - Wangfu Hotel - Transfer to Lijang
  • Day 7 - Wangfu Hotel - Full day in Nature birds, flowers and plants
  • Day 8 - Tina's Guesthouse - Transfer to Tiger Leaping Gorge
  • Day 9 - Zhaxidela hotel - From Tiger Leaping Gorge via Baishuitai to Shangri-la
  • Day 10 - Zhaxidela hotel - Looking around in the Shangri-la area
  • Day 11 - View Paradise Hotel - Transfer to Deqin via Baima Mountains
  • Day 12 - View Paradise Hotel - Birding and looking for flowers in the area
  • Day 13 - Benzhilan Hotel - Transfer to Benzhilan via Baima Mountains
  • Day 14 - Wenjun Mansion Hotel - Transfer to Zhongdian, Flight to Chengdu
  • Day 15 - Departure home

China and Tibet Adventure

Sichuan - Province of four streams


Latest Trip Report China (Sichuan 2011)

Red-PandaThis Trip Report tells you our experiences of our first visit ever to Sichuan in China. We made this "Recce Tour" in June 2011, accompanied by 5 brave fellow travellers

Tour Leader : Pieter Verheij
Local Guide : Tang Jun

We arrived at Chengdu airport at 12.15hrs on a KLM flight from Amsterdam. Our connecting flight to Lhasa (Tibet) at 14.00hrs had been cancelled for reasons unbeknown to us.  We, unfortunately, had no choice and had to stay overnight in Chengdu. The 60th anniversary of the Liberation of Tibet on the 25th June .....
Read about our experiences by means of a photo presentation.


Meet your Tour Guides for Yunnan

Roger-Marchant1Roger Marchant has had an interest in the Natural World since childhood which led him to read Botany at University College London. From there he embarked on an academic career teaching and researching in Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University of Ulster. The academic life allowed regular travel around the world and links with a wide range of biologists in other countries. Towards the end of his working career Roger rediscovered an earlier interest in photography and is now an avid recorder of birds, plants and animals in the locations he visits. Although he still retains some active research interests, as an Emeritus Professor he now has more time to devote to pursuing his interest in travel. The interest in plants and horticulture has never left him and the trip to Yunnan will provide an ideal location for a fusion of plant and bird experiences and photography in a single expedition. Roger Marchant already has experience of travelling with the company to locations in South America and to Sichuan province in China and will be able to provide any support required by the participants on this trip.
Tour leader: Each tour will have a representative of Worldwide Birding Tours to accompany it, ensuring attention to detail, and fullfilling our pledge not to send you on holiday, but to take you.