Tour Introduction : Brazil and Atlantic Forest

Facts and Travel Tips

In October it will be still very warm. You can expect some rain from time to time, because we are at the beginning of the rain season. For nocturnal trips shirts with long sleeves are fine.
The Amazon region will be very humid, but temperature rarely gets hotter than 27°C

In most lodges they accept besides the Brazilian Currency also Euros or US dollars. Changing your money into local currency is possible at the airports and in almost every city. Our guide can also take you to places where you can change money.

It is recommended to drink only bottled water. Because Brazil is a tropical country, it is very easy to quickly become dehydrated. Drink plenty of water.
A good insect repellent is very important. Also some product to reduce the results of insect bites.

Local taxis are available in most Brazilian cities of any size and most all are metered. Just make sure you always use a legitimate taxi. This is pretty easy if you have your hotel or restaurant hail or call a taxi for you (they know), only use taxis that are lined up at a ponto de taxi (taxi stand) or call a radio taxi service.

Electric current in Brazil varies widely—from 100 to 127 volts or 220 to 240 volts and from 50 to 60Hz—even within the same city, building, apartment or office. Some cities in Brazil only use 220 volts. Check the power adapters of you laptop, battery chargers and other electric appliances before you go. Many are designed to automatically accommodate input current from 110 to 250 volts while others are only for 110.

Brazil Facts and Travel Tips

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Brazil Main Tour Info

Main Tour - Pantanal

  • Tour dates
    15th - 26th October 2017
  • Price
    US$ 5.375 p.p.
    US$ 700 Single supplement
  • Deposit
    20% of the tour price
  • Includes
    All accommodation, all meals and transport, fulltime guiding, Nature reserve entrance fees, and airport transfers
  • Excludes
    International and connecting domestic flights, insurance and personal costs.
  • Tour party
    Minimum 6, maximum 8 persons
  • Your flight planning: Arrival on the 15th of October before 16.00 at Cuiaba Airport. Departure on 26th of October after midday from Cuiaba Airport. Both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro do have many connecting flights to Cuiaba

Extension - Atlantic Forest

  • Tour dates
    26th - 2nd November 2017
  • Price
    US$ 3.900 p.p.
    US$ 475 Single supplement.
  • Your flight planning: Choose for Sao Paulo to enter Brazil. Contact us to coordinate domestic flights and connecting international flights

Brazil Itinerary at a Glance

Main tour - Pantanal

  • Day 1 - Currupira das Araras Lodge - Arrival at Cuiaba, transfer to the hotel
  • Day 2 - Currupira das Araras Lodge - Full day birding at Serra das Araras
  • Day 3 - Pantanal Mato Grosso Hotel - Transfer to Pantanal, birding during transfer
  • Day 4 - Pantanal Mato Grosso Hotel - Full day birding/wildlife viewing
  • Day 5 - Pantanal Mato Grosso Hotel - Full day birding/wildlife viewing
  • Day 6 - Porto Jofre - Transfer to Porto Jofre, Birding and wildlife viewing
  • Day 7 - Porto Jofre - Birding and wildlife viewing
  • Day 8 - Porto Jofre - Birding and wildlife viewing
  • Day 9 - Rio Claro Lodge - Transfer to Porto Jofre, Birding and wildlife viewing
  • Day 10 - Rio Claro Lodge - Boat-ride and walks
  • Day 11 - Rio Claro Lodge - Boat-ride and walks
  • Day 12 - Transfer to Cuiaba Airport - Departure

For those who booked the extension

  • Day 12 = Hotel Sao Paulo - Transfer to Sao Paulo, transfer to hotel with shuttle service

Extension - Atlantic Forest

  • Day 1 - Hotel do Ype - Transfer to lodge, birding around the hotel
  • Day 2 - Hotel do Ype - birding in the area
  • Day 3 - Hotel do Ype - birding in the area
  • Day 4 - Ubatuba Palace Hotel - Transfer to Ubatuba Palace Hotel
  • Day 5 - Ubatuba Palace Hotel - birding in the area
  • Day 6 - Ubatuba Palace Hotel - birding in the area
  • Day 7 - Departure home

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Ringed-KingfisherThis Trip Report tells you our experiences of our first visit to Pantanal - Brazil. We made this "Recce Tour" in October 2011, accompanied by 7 brave fellow travellers

Tour Leader : Pieter Verheij
Local Guide : Helder Freitas

We arrived at the airport of Cuiaba, where we met with our guide for this trip. We went to our hotel in to rest after a long journey from Europe. The next morning we wanted to start early because a long trip was waiting us, first to Caceres by car and after that by boat on the Paraquay river to reach our first .....

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Meet your Tour Guide for Brazil

ricardocasarinRicardo Casarin was born in Dourados, South Mato Grosso state. He has been engaged with natural tourism activity since 1998, offering Mountain Bike rental service to the tourists in Chapada dos Guimarães, Mato Grosso satate. As a Guide, Ricardo has been leading tours in the Cerrado and Pantanal since late 90's. Nowadays his abrangence area has extended to other Mato Grosso's destinations such as South of Amazon in Alta Floresta. Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur) Certified Guide, Ricardo is one of the best Birdwatching and Natural History guides in Brazil. To achieve that, he is always aprimorate his knowledge and techniques, by taking courses and participating of meetings and conferences of the subject. He has a great experience guiding wild life photographers bringing the best spot s and angles.   He is coauthor of the book, MANUAL DO GUIA DE TURISMO EM AREA NATURAL with Leila Cunha. Ricardo lives in Chapada dos Guimarães, Mato Grosso state, with his wife and 2 children.
Tour leader: Each tour will have a representative of Worldwide Birding Tours to accompany it, ensuring attention to detail, and fullfilling our pledge not to send you on holiday, but to take you.